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Installation Safety: organization of the arrangements necessary to ensure the protection of factories, buildings and all types of industrial structures. This, along with our expertise, we have established collaboration agreements with leading companies in tracking and detection systems.

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15/09/2019 • Examining Autonomous Ships" Vulnerability to Piracy . Autonomous ships are a hot topic in the maritime sector; piracy and armed robbery too. Since the b...read more

15/09/2019 • Piracy in Somali - Is it Politically or Economically Motivated Essay. Piracy in Somali - Is it Politically or Economically Motivated - Essay Example ...read more

14/09/2019 • Increasing piracy risk at Douala anchorage, Cameroon. The effect of piracy on crew and their safety continues to be a cause for concern and transiting W...read more

14/09/2019 • Royal Navy confirms stable situation in Strait of Hormuz. The presence of the UK warships in the Strait of Hormuz has stabilized the commercial shipping...read more

14/09/2019 • Cameroon to supply armed guards on board vessels during their stay at Douala anchorage. In order to protect ships from piracy attacks at Douala anchorag...read more



Consultancy, in order to advise, plan and manage the implementation of the Customer or landing in the country of destination ...

Intelligence, providing information, opinions and alternatives to meet the information needs of the client ...

Surveillance, we have the most prepared professionals of the sector. With an average of more than 15 years of experience ...

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