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MSR Newsletter The latest news for January 12th 2018

Fecha de la noticias: 12/01/2018 • Publicada: 12/01/2018 

A busy week on the water, with 2018 picking up where 2017 left off. 

We begin with piracy. The new head of the Iranian Navy has said that Somali piracy is, in effect, sponsored by "certain powers" in an attempt to impact the Iranian economy. Possibly the comedy high point of the week. It is, of course, absolute nonsense thrown out for political point scoring. Much like the Iranian Navy"s frequent "battles" with invisible pirates. However, attacks by Houthi rebels off Yemen, allegedly sponsored and supplied by Iran, are very real, as this week has shown. Over the weekend, the Saudi coalition claimed to have thwarted a remote control drone boat bomb attack on an oil tanker off Hodeidah. 

The news comes in the same week that the IMB releases its report on piracy and maritime crime for 2017. As ever, the media coverage has been excellent, although we remain concerned that most people remain unaware that the IMB only report on incidents logged directly with them by Captains and CSOs and, as a result, they may not include incidents reported to ReCAAP, UKMTO and MDAT-GoG, for example. For the true figure of pirate attacks and robberies, it"s necessary to collate figures from all bodies. 

In Southeast Asia, the Philippines and Indonesia have agreed to step up patrols in the waters bordering both countries to keep groups like Abu Sayyaf suppressed. 

In Nigeria, the Navy is calling for proper legislation in order to deal with pirates and armed robbers. Again.

We end with a look at the possibilities for UUV terror attacks. Science fiction? Not really, given what"s happening off Yemen…

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