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MSR Newsletter The latest news for April 13th 2018

Fecha de la noticias: 13/04/2018 • Publicada: 13/04/2018 

Following the incident involving a Saudi tanker in the Bab el-Mandeb Strait, where Houthi rebels are said to have attacked it, the UN has quietly increased inspections of vessels due to visit Yemen ports in an attempt to further clamp down on illegal weapon smuggling. 
In an interesting move, there are rumours that Russia has signed a deal with Somaliland to build a naval base in the autonomous region. And to think Somalia flipped out when DP World wanted to run a port in Somaliland… this one could get messy, if true. 
The IMB has released its piracy figures for the first quarter of 2018, and they make grim reading. To the surprise of absolutely no-one, the IMB notes that piracy in the Gulf of Guinea is on the increase, while dangers remain off Somalia and Yemen. 
In Nigeria, NIMASA"s director has made his regular pledge to fight piracy. No doubt the Navy will issue a similar promise in due course. 
Piracy in other regions is often unreported, but in the Gulf of Mexico, oil workers are getting used to robbers regularly attacking them, as we find out. 
Finally, we end in the Mediterranean region, with the astonishing news that the EU is trying to track 65,000 people smugglers, according to Europol. 

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