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MSR Weekly Newsletter, August 10th

Fecha de la noticias: 10/08/2018 • Publicada: 10/08/2018 

Things have calmed down in the Bab el-Mandeb and Southern Red Sea, with Houthi rebels pausing maritime activities and news that Saudi tankers are once again transiting the region. The Saudi coalition, however, has issued a stern warning to Yemeni fishermen to keep off warships unless they wish to be fired on…
In Bangladesh, however, local fishing fleets are pushing back against the twin threats of piracy and illegal fishing. Bangladeshi fishermen regularly suffer pirate attacks, armed robbery and kidnap but the crimes are rarely reported in the West. 
South Africa completed an Operation Copper patrol in the North Mozambique Channel this week, stating that the region is currently under a higher risk of piracy. We"re not sure we agree, but it"s good to see the patrols still occur, albeit it not as often as we"d like. 
In West Africa, there are calls for Nigeria to tighten up port security after a spate of robberies both in port and anchorages. Delta militants, meanwhile, are making ominous rumbling noises. Nigeria"s oil industry has only just recovered from previous attacks; a new campaign against them would not help the country"s economy. 
Finally, joint naval exercises between the Philippine and Royal Australian navies have ended. Hopefully, the message won"t reach the region"s terrorists and armed robbers any time soon…

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