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Human chain in protest of Indian trawler and pirates

Fecha de la noticias: 10/08/2018 • Publicada: 10/08/2018 

Barguna human chain demands suppression of pirates and Indian trawler trespass in the Bay of Bengal

A human chain in Bargunawas organized to suppress pirates and illegal trespassing of Indian fishing trawlers in the Bay of Bengal.

The protest on Wednesday took place at the Sheikh Russel Square of the Pathorghatamunicipality. Fishermen of the region took part in the protest.

Later an application was submitted to the prime minister through the Pathorghata UNO.

Meanwhile, Senior Fisheries Officer Azharul Islam also expressed solidarity with the fishermen.

District Fisheries Trawler Owners Association President Golam Mostafa Chowdhury presided over the program.

The Fishermen"s Trawler Owners" Association"s Vice-President Abul Hossain Farzi, trawler owners Jahirul Haque Chinu, Sagir Hossain and many other leaders spoke at the program.

They said due to illegal catching of fish by Indian fishermen, different species of fish are on the verge of extinction. The Sundarbans-centered armed pirates are once again extorting the fishermen by torturing and kidnapping them.

They demanded regular joint operations of the navy, coastguard and RAB, for immediate action against the pirates and the intrusion of Indian trawlers.

Meanwhile, Barguna District Fisheries Trawler Owners Association has said the pirate group “Choto Bhai Bahini” has demanded Tk5 lakh per head for each of the fishermen they abducted.

The pirate group abducted 25 fishermen on Sunday from the deep sea region of the Bay of Bengal. The kidnapped fishermen are from the Pathorghata, Bagerhat and Mohipur areas. Of them, Zafor, Khalil, Jashim and Zakir are from the Pathorghata area.

Trawler owners Mosharraf Hossain and Md Nurul Islam said the pirates called from cell phone numbers 01707916053 and 01783768023 and demanded Tk5 lakh each for each of the 25 fishermen.

The pirates demanded Tk10 lakh for Zafor Majhi as he showed much resistance during the kidnapping.

The trawler owners also said the pirates did not mention where they haveheld the abducted fishermen.

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