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MSR Weekly Newsletter, February 8th

Fecha de la noticias: 09/02/2019 • Publicada: 09/02/2019 

Following the successful release of a group of Russian crew, held hostage by pirates in the Gulf of Guinea last week, oranised criminals in the region have been quick to grab more crew to ensure further ransom payments. A landing craft was attacked off Brass and three crew reportedly taken hostage, although this has not been confirmed by reporting bodies. 
NIMASA, in the meantime, continues efforts to bolster maritime security, this week training a number of personnel up on their latest surveillance platform and techniques.
The United Nations has held a debate on maritime crime this week, and recognises that the scale and sophistication of maritime piracy, smuggling and other illicit acts are now a serious issue. What these findings will lead to, other than more debate, has not been made public. 
In the Indian Ocean Region, Pakistan"s Navy has made a large seizure of illegal narcotics (as have the Combined Maritime Forces in recent days). The Pakistan Navy apparently stopped a vessel smuggling 2,000kg of hashish, denying organised crime a significant cash prize.
In Yemen, Amnesty International has accused the UAE of allowing weapons to fall in to the hands of militia and terror groups. The US plans to investigate the reports. 
Finally, some good news for the fishing industry, as Spain becomes the latest nation to sign the IMO"s Cape Town Agreement, offering more protection to fisheries and the crews involved in the industry. 

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