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Nigerian navy reports 34 oil theft pirate attacks in 2018

Fecha de la noticias: 12/02/2019 • Publicada: 12/02/2019 

According to the Nigerian Navy, thirty-four pirate ship attacks were reported in 2018, stating that evasive manoeuvre from the legal regime have been the bane in the fight against oil theft prosecution.

Mainly, Director of Training and Operation, Rear Admiral Mackson Makonju Kadiri, reported that from January to December 2018, from the 34 reported pirate attacks, the 9 were successful, whereas the 25 were unsuccessful.

In addition, 20 sea robbery attacks were reported in 2018, with 6 having success, in comparison to 14 being unsuccessful.

He continued stating that despite the threat migration, mostly with regards to incessant illegal refining of crude oil, piracy, sea robbery, crude oil theft, illegal oil bunkering, IUUF, insurgency among others, significant gains were accomplished, that resulted to increased output in maritime trade and particularly oil production.

So far, 9 houseboats otherwise known as Naval Security Stations (NSS) have been deployed where crude oil theft and illegal refining activities are known to be prevalent.

He addressed that there have been many arrested for conveying stolen crude oil and illegally refined products, since the introduction of the Choke Point Control Regime.

Finally, Chief of Policy Plans, Rear Admiral Begroy Ibe – Enwo, prior to presenting the Chief of the Naval Staff, Vice Admiral IE Ibas noted that the dialogue was organised mostly to focus on the efforts of the Nigerian Navy in effectively tackling maritime security.

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