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IMB ICC Live Piracy & Armed Robbery Report 2020 - Reported in Last 7 days

Fecha de la noticias: 11/02/2020 • Publicada: 11/02/2020 

Incidents reported by the IMB since the last report:


19.01.2020: 2010 UTC:

Posn: 05:08.3N – 002:17.9E, Around 73nm South of Cotonou, Benin.

Two pirates armed with AK47 rifles in a boat approached and boarded a drifting container ship. Alarm raised, deck lights switched off, accommodation locked down and engines started and headed towards Tema. Ghana navy notified and requested to board and search vessel on arrival.

All crew safe. Nothing reported stolen.


01.02.2020: 0130 UTC:

Posn: 06:15.7N – 003:19.1E, Lagos Anchorage, Nigeria.

Two robbers in a boat boarded an anchored tanker. They tried to cease the duty AB, on routine rounds, who managed to escape. Alarm raised. Hearing the alerted crew the robbers escaped without stealing anything. Incident reported to Nigerian Navy. A patrol boat was dispatched to the location.


02.02.2020: 2120 UTC:

Posn: 01:03.89N – 103:53.98E, Batam Island, Indonesia.

Alert crew onboard a tug moored to a buoy noticed three robbers on deck and raised the alarm. The crew confronted the robbers who were able to escape with the assistance of two of their accomplices waiting in their boat. Incident reported to the police who boarded the tug for investigations. A search was carried out. It was noticed the padlock to the storeroom was damaged and ship’s equipment stolen.

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