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SINGAPOR STRAIT: Bulk carrier boarded by intruders

Fecha de la noticias: 18/03/2020 • Publicada: 18/03/2020 

18/03/2020 LC Posn 1.201 - 103.41


Three robbers armed with a crowbar and pipes boarded a bulk carrier in the western approaches of the Singapore Strait.
The 57,200 deadweight tonne (dwt) SAM JAGUAR was underway north of Indonesia’s Karimunbesar Island in the early hours of March 16.
Crewmembers spotted the robbers and were able to lock them inside the engine room workshop.
Meanwhile a general alarm was raised and the entire crew mustered.
Two individuals, suspected accomplices of the robbers, approached the bulk carrier in a skiff but were repelled by the crew
Authorities in Singapore and Indonesia were informed and Indonesian armed guards boarded the bulk carrier from a pilot boat and arrested the three detained intruders.

Assessment and Analysis

In December 2019 there was six reports of vessels being boarded by intruders while underway in the Singapore Strait.
The vessels targeted were bulk carriers and tankers.
As with the SAM JAGUAR, the vessels were boarded at night.
There have been confrontations with ships’ crews and seafarers have been assaulted.
Ships proceeding through the Strait should switch on additional lighting.
They should sound their alarms if they suspect they have been boarded or are about to be boarded.
If they are being approached by suspicious vessels, they should increase speed and consider evasive actions.

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