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IFC - Information Fusion Centre - MARSEC Weekly Report 14 ? 20 Feb 20

Fecha de la noticias: 23/03/2020 • Publicada: 23/03/2020 





4 events reported last week :

  • 16 Mar : 1?Attempted action?during the night, by 3 perpetrators, on a Bulk Carrier?underway,?East of Pulau Karimun Kecil, Indonesia (near Singapore Strait);

  • 13 Mar : 1?Attempted action?during the night, by 2 perpetrators, on a Container Vessel anchored at Belawan, Indonesia?

  • 12 Mar :?1?Attempted action?during the night on a Tanker anchored in General Santos Harbour, Philippines?

  • 06 Mar : 1 Sea Theft on a Tug ad Barge anchored in Chittagong, Bangladesh?


  • Off Honshu, Japan :?A tanker collided with a fishing vessel south of Cape Irago Lighthouse, Honshu, Japan, and is now anchored at Toba anchorage for investigation.?

  • Off Maluku, Indonesia :?A vessel sunk in waters off eastern Maluku, Indonesia, resulting in 15 people missing as rough seas hold off rescuers.

  • Off Xiamen, China :?Cargo ship sank in southern Taiwan Strait south of Xiamen, and 3 crew are missing.


  • Sri-Lankan Police Narcotics Bureau discovered a freight container with 99.5 kilograms of heroin disguised as potatoes and arrested seven people.

  • A drug smuggler was arrested for attempting to smuggle Meth (21.19kg) hidden inside tyres into Sabah, Malaysia.

  • During two search operations carried out in northern seas today, the Sri Lankan Navy seized 485 kg of Kerala cannabis.

Reminder about Singapore strait transit protection measures :

  • Take a previous contact before any transit in Singapore strait (sectors 7 to 9) with Singaporean authorities and timely reporting any suspicious activity : https://www.mpa.gov.sg/web/portal/home/port-of-singapore/operations/vessel-traffic-information-system-vtis/operational-areas?;

  • Increase vigilance in watch-keeping and deploy additional lookout ;

  • Be wary of suspicious small boats approaching. Take photo of the suspicious boat and send to me as soon as possible ;

  • Use CCTV cameras for coverage of vulnerable areas (if available) ;

  • Keep ship"s whistle, search lights and fog horn ready for immediate use ;

  • Secure or lift external ladders to prevent their use and to restrict external access to the bridge ;

  • Deploy Self-Protection Measures (SPM) eg. Rig the water spray hoses and foam monitors in a fixed position. Evasive manoeuvres have also been proven to deter perpetrators in the areas of concern ;

  • Secure all doors and hatches providing access to the accommodation and machinery spaces ;

  • Rig safety precautionary measures on the anchor cable hawse pipe while anchored.

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