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IFC - Information Fusion Centre - MARSEC Weekly Report 20 - 26 Jun 20

Fecha de la noticias: 30/06/2020 • Publicada: 30/06/2020 


  • Two Sea Theft and one attempted action have been reported :
  • Total events in 2020 ?:?56?incidents since the beginning of the year in IFC area of responsibility (compared to 33 at the same date in 2019);
  • Areas of interest:


  • 24 June : 94 Rohingyans (15 adult men, 49 women, and 30 children) were found by fishermen with broken boat condition, 4NM off Seunuddon waters, Aceh, Indonesia. The migrants boat was abandoned as it was near submerged when it was first spotted by the fishermen.?The Rohingya were transported to the Punteut Immigration Office, tested for COVID-19 and then were provided shelter to rest.


  • 19 June :?The Coastal Security Group of the Indian Tamil Nadu police seized 78kg of methamphetamine drifting at sea in a drum along the shores near Mamallapuram in Kancheepuram district;
  • 22 June : Indian West Kutch Police are seizing 850 packets of cannabis washing up on the shore of Jakhau, India.


  • 18 June :?A boat carrying 16 fishermen capsized in Indonesian waters near the Anak Krakatau volcano after being hit with strong waves;
  • 19 June :?Cargo being lifted by a General Cargo Ship"s cargo gear fell on the cargo deck, hitting two port workers, severely injuring one and killing the other at Yokohama port, Japan;
  • 19 June :?A General cargo ship collided with an unknown vessel in the waters of the Muara Telang District in South Sumatra, Indonesia. The unknown vessel sunk, all crew were rescued;
  • 21 June :?A General cargo vessel carrying 940 tons of chickpeas capsized at the Bay of Bengal. All 12 crew members of "MV Golam Rahman" were rescued. The ship master managed to run the vessel aground on a submerged land mass near Patenga beach, Bangladesh;
  • 22 June :?A group of fishermen were saved by a maritime rescue team off the coast of Indonesia"s West Sumatra after their boat capsized;
  • 22 June :?Nine fishermen are missing after their boat capsized off Sumatra island. Their vessel sank after it was hit by bad weather and high waves off the island"s northwestern coast;
23 June :?Two passenger ships collided into each other at Merak Port Pier 2, Indonesia.

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