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IFC - Information Fusion Centre - MARSEC Weekly Report 05 - 11 Sep 20

Fecha de la noticias: 15/09/2020 • Publicada: 15/09/2020 

1. Highlights:


  • 2 sea thefts events have been reported the previous week:
    • 26 Jun?–?Sea Theft/ MV CAPTAINYANNIS L/ Bulk Carrier/ Marshall Islands Flagged/ Anchored/ Muara Berau Anchorage, Indonesia;
    • 04 Sep?–?Sea Theft/ AAL NANJING/ General Cargo Ship/ Liberia Flagged/ Anchored/ Manila OPL Anchorage, Philippines;?
  • Total events in 2020?:?78?incidents since the beginning of the year in IFC area of responsibility (compared to 57 at the same?date in 2019);
  • Areas of interest:
    • Singapore Strait: 21 incidents in 2017, 20 in 2018,?45?in 2019?(21 events at this date),?23?in 2020;
    • Sulu Sea: Area remains risky.?It is advisable to stay away from this area as much as possible or to write/call me before any transit if you absolutely have to transit there;
    • Following anchorage areas:
      • Bangladesh:?Chittagong;
      • India:?Kakinada, Alang;
      • Indonesia: Anyer, Batam, Begawan, Belawan,?Dumai, Merak,?Muara Berau, Panjang, Sandakan, Samarinda, Taboneo and?Tanjung Uban;
      • Philippines:?Manila, Bauan/Batangas,?General Santos Harbour;
      • Vietnam:?Campha,??Ho Chi Minh, Vung Tau.

- CS

  • Apr 12 (late report):?The Pingtung District Prosecutors" Office of Ta?wan said it has busted a drug trafficking?ring and confiscated more than 1 tonne of heroin?(395Kg) and Meth (645Kg), with an estimated market value of US$338.74 million;? -?IHM
  • Sept 07:?297 migrants were found on the beach of Indonesia Aceh"s province?by local authorities;?


  • Sept 07:?A tanker suffered an explosion off Dung Quat Port, Vietnam, leading to one dead and 11 rescued.

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