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UKMTO Weekly Report 4 - 10 Oct 2020

Fecha de la noticias: 12/10/2020 • Publicada: 12/10/2020 

Command Overview

1. Iranian armed forces conducted a series of live firing exercises in the Gulf area this week

. 2. UKMTO and MSCHOA released Alerts regarding an explosion at the Yemeni Oil Terminal at Hush Al Nishaimah,


1. Category: Suspicious Approach

2. Description: A merchant vessel (MT) at 0800Z on the 4th October 2020 reported an approach by 2 small craft with 4 persons on each, in position 1412N 04953E (vicinity of point B) the two small craft approached to within 200 metres and then departed to the north.



1. Category: Incident

2. Description: UKMTO is aware a MT has experienced a possible explosion at 032000ZOCT20 whilst operating at an oil terminal in position 1359.25N 04754.07E. Investigations are ongoing.

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