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20/11/2017Six suspected pirates nabbed off east African coast
20/11/2017Security Alert: Vessel Approached by Skiff in the Somali Basin
20/11/2017A start-up fighting pirates with satellites just raised $70 million
20/11/2017Suspected PAG in the Somali Basin apprehended
20/11/2017EU Naval Force Intercepts Suspected Pirates Off Somalia’s Coast
20/11/2017EUNAVFOR - PAG Pirate Action Group Operating in Somali Basin
20/11/2017Pirate PAG Apprehended in Somali Basin #piracy
20/11/2017IMB ICC Live Piracy & Armed Robbery Report 2017 Reported in Last 7 days
20/11/2017Somalia: EU Navfor"s Italian Ship Virginio Fasan Chases and Captures Suspected Pirates
20/11/2017Six pirates arrêtés dans le bassin somalien (V2)
20/11/2017Une tentative d’attaque par des pirates échoue dans le Golfe d’Aden
20/11/2017Suspected detained after piracy attacks in Somali Basin
19/11/2017North P&I Club updates on Yemen’s ports situation
19/11/201719 Nov 17 – suspicious approach – near point B IRTC
19/11/201718 Nov 17 – suspicious approach – 380NM of Somali coast
19/11/2017IMB ICC Robbers Board Chemical Carrier Mamonal anchorage, Colombia
19/11/2017Attempted Boarding - RPG"s Fired
19/11/2017IMO GISIS 2 Skiffs Approach Tanker at Speed 194nm SW Goa
19/11/2017The Saudi-led coalition says that it will ease its blockade on Yemen
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