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22/01/2020Pirates release Happy Lady tanker crew
22/01/2020Gulf of Guinea Pirates Release Crew Members Kidnapped from MT DUKE
22/01/2020Dryad: Indian Ocean High Risk Area Needs Rethinking
22/01/2020South Korean anti-piracy unit to operate at Strait of Hormuz
22/01/2020Russia, Japan kick off anti-piracy drills in Arabian Sea
22/01/2020BIMCO Issues Update On Persian Gulf Tensions And Sanctions Clauses
22/01/2020Piracy Attack 19nm SW of Bayelsa, Nigeria
22/01/2020Al-Shabaab Claim Army Base in Cadale, Somalia; Near Where Previous Piracy Attack Was Launched From
22/01/20202019 in review: Piracy and armed robbery at sea
22/01/2020Dryad Global?s annual in-depth analysis of world-wide maritime security incidents, geo-political risk factors and industry trends to watch in 2020
22/01/2020South Korea to Deploy Anti-Piracy Unit to the Strait of Hormuz
22/01/2020MDAT GoG - Attempted Boarding off Brass Gulf of Guinea
22/01/2020South Korea Anti-piracy Unit Heading to the Strait of Hormuz
22/01/2020RMI warns extra vigilance to ships transiting Red Sea
22/01/2020Pirates fire upon containership off Nigeria
22/01/2020Do you know what a Ship Security Alert System is?
22/01/2020Pirates release crew of ?Happy Lady?
22/01/2020SINGAPORE STRAIT: Thieves steal scrap metal from barge moving through Traffic Separation Scheme
21/01/2020MDAT GoG - Attempted Boarding Gulf of Guinea
21/01/202021 January 2020 ? A M/V attacked in position 20nm from shore, south of BRASS
Marsec Union Member SAMI Member: Security Association for the Maritime Industry Panama Maritime Authority Posidonia Exhibition participation