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Security Services
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Consulting services

The Consultancy Service aims to advise, plan and manage the disembarkation or the establishment of the client in the destination country. Swat Security Systems Europa is aware of the difficulties that a civil company can find when carrying out its task in a hostile environment, where the production factors cannot guarantee the necessary stability to develop its projects. Therefore we have prepared different information and training systems which, at the same time, can bring an effective anticipation of any external aggression that can be produced.

Security Consultancy

  • Previous reports Security: They analyse possible risks in the areas where the client is expected to be set up.
  • Security planning: Once that all factors have been analysed, a security plan adapted to the environment and to the specific necessities of the client is created.
  • Security Reports: The client chooses when he or she wants them to be done. They analyse the situation and the possible variations that can appear in the security area.

External training

  • Training courses: Focused on the personnel that will travel to the operation area. They are carried out from the study and analysis of the security, political and social factors. The goal of Swat Security Systems Europa is set in imbuing a detailed knowledge to the client of HOW to act in every moment and situation. This benefits the peaceful coexistence with the environment and it ensures the non-existence of unnecessary conflicts.
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