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Special services

For customers located in countries or areas particularly conflict, Swat Security Systems Europa, has a Special Services department, able to respond as efficiently and effectively to any aggression no matter how serious.

  • Our staff comes mainly from the Spanish Marines and have served in the Special Operations Unit (UOE) and the Third of Armada (TEAR). Likewise, we have members of the Special Operations Flag Legion (Boel).
  • They have participated in amphibious operations, security activities on ships and maritime interdiction operations (MIO).
  • NATO has provided accreditation, participating in operations in Kurdistan, Bosnia Herzegovina, Kosovo, Haiti, Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan, ensuring customer situations, the best reaction in combat situations, terrorist attack or attempted abductions.
  • Swat Security Systems Europahas a wealth of experience and in-depth specialist security knowledge that helps to guarantee the success of our clients’ projects in the most hostile, remote and sensitive of situations.
  • The Company’s professional security teams are all fully qualified for maritime operations. Our teams deliver operational excellence and exceptional security services on board whilst providing training and reassurance to Masters and their crews before, during and after transits.

Consulting services, Political Situation, Security situation, Economic situation, Executive Summary, support in the specific country.

Marsec Union Member SAMI Member: Security Association for the Maritime Industry Panama Maritime Authority Posidonia Exhibition participation