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Risk areas


The purpose of this Section is to provide information, opinions and alternatives that meet the needs of customer information.


The purpose of this area is to provide data, opinions and alternatives that satisfy the information necessities of the client.


  1. Political situation :
    • Presidential Elections - Parliamentarians..
    • Legislative follow-up.
    • Anticipation of any change in political trends.
    • Other considerations .
  2. Security situation :
    • • Protests or other kinds of mass meetings that could endanger the State stability.
    • Crime.
    • Terrorism and kidnapping.
  3. Economic situation :
    • Country-code indicator.
    • Detailed analysis of the area of interest.
    • Controllers - Actors - Competitors.
  4. Executive Summary.
  5. Subsequent support in the specific country: Senior management – DD and PMI equipment.
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