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Swat Security Systems Europa (Swat Security Systems Europa) is a business group dedicated to the Multidisciplinar International Security Worldwide. We provide Specialized Security Solutions to our customers. Our services are based on cutting-edge concepts and technology. Our solutions range from risk analysis, to the mobilization and management of resources demanded by the customer

While developing of its activity, Swat Security Systems Europa has aimed to bring together the best virtues of the mainly worldwide groups as well as to make today’s necessities its main EMBLEM. This is the reason why we are able to provide the same service, with the same means and in a diligent and effective way.

The company is dedicated to the maritime sector providing the above for any floating and sailing vessels, including but not limited, to intense high sea fishing vessels, Cargo Carriers such as Tankers and Bulkers, sea installations, rigs and port facilities.

Swat Security Systems Europa currently protects more than 30 ships of the PESCANOVA fleet in East Africa. Swat Security Systems Europa (Swat Security Systems Europa) holds ISO 9001 approval and operates in accordance to the BMP4 requirements. We are members of ICoCA (International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers) and of IAMSP (International Association of Maritime Security Professionals) The place of registration is Madrid, Spain with representations/networks in Mozambique, Greece, Panamá, Miami, Djibouti and Seychelles.

Senior staff have strong experience in the Security sector in Spain and Panama over the past 25 years in Conventional SECURITY Services, Vigilance, Security Installations, personal and high end Bodyguards, Intelligence, Information and Consultancy, armed guards provision for high seas fishing vessels. All Swat Security Systems Europastaff (Western European Nationality) has served in the Special Forces, Army and/or Navy.

Marsec Union Member SAMI Member: Security Association for the Maritime Industry Panama Maritime Authority Posidonia Exhibition participation