Better Protect Yourself by Buying a Wireless Home Alarm with Camera? (in 7 points)

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Are you looking for a home alarm without a subscription that is wireless and equipped with cameras to secure your home, garden, garage, office or second home? Here we show you why to buy a wireless home alarm with a camera, as well as the factors to select to choose the best home alarm to ensure the well-being of your family.

The alluring attractions that make up a home wireless alarm with a camera

The advantages of a wireless home alarm with camera

Wireless home alarm systems are attracting more and more consumers and are currently very popular. That’s not shocking, considering the rise in burglaries.

This has led many people to look for the most effective ways to secure their homes.

A wireless home alarm kit consists of many security devices that connect completely wirelessly to each other and to a central station.

Indeed, its equipment gives the possibility to the central station to give you valuable information on the details of when an intrusion occurred, triggering the home alarm without subscription and alerting you immediately.

Overall, a wireless home alarm kit with a camera offers several interesting assets that make it a remarkable security tool:

  • They are connected because they can react to changing circumstances by making them connected home alarms.
  • They can be viewed and controlled remotely through their internet connections.
  • They can be customizable at will, because it is possible to modify them by connecting a multitude of connected objects and accessories to ensure additional security.
    Since they are wireless, there is no need to connect them to each other, making their installation much simpler.
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Connecting a wifi surveillance camera is fascinating allowing you full access to live viewing and images of what is happening inside your home in real-time, even when you are not present.

Some connected cameras are also equipped with an alarm that you can trigger remotely, getting rid of the worry of carrying many devices.

What points should be used to choose a wireless home alarm with a camera?

The number of detectors and other items you can add to your wireless home alarm system with camera depends on your security needs, which are determined by the design of your home (area and number of entry points; the existence of an outdoor space, garage…) and the total amount you want to allocate to it.

Note that the more entry points you have into your home (bay windows, windows, terraces …), the more vulnerable it is to the risk of intrusion and burglary. If you own a house with a very large area, you must keep visually and safe absolutely all key access points, in order to force potential burglars to get scared and flee. On the other hand, if you live in an apartment that is not on the first floor, you will not need much protection for your property.

Home alarm kits are also integrated into remote monitoring packages for a monthly fee (which is between €10 and €60 per month depending on the service provided). Remote monitoring makes it possible to secure homes at any time, without the need to get involved, by delegating the monitoring of your home to a third-party company that is specifically dedicated to home security.

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However, if you opt for remote monitoring, you will benefit from clarification and advice by being properly guided by a specialized consultant. They will take into consideration your requirements and the particularities of your home to offer you the best home wireless alarm system with camera.

7 Primary Reasons to Secure with a Wireless Home Alarm with Camera

  • The wireless home alarm with camera can have an essential and indispensable impact that deters any intrusion of people into your family cocoon.
  • The cost of a wireless alarm with a surveillance camera is affordable
  • A surveillance camera coupled with a home wireless alarm (home alarm kit) offers many options and features, as well as great ease of access
  • The latest generation WiFi surveillance cameras are equipped with night vision as well as motion detectors and sometimes facial recognition and two-way audio.
  • Accompanied by multiple security equipment in a home alarm system without a subscription, your wifi surveillance camera will trigger the alarm by alerting you via your smartphone of an intrusion, immediately and remotely.
  • Wi-Fi wireless alarm systems allow you to view your camera images in real-time and remotely via an app (wireless alarm connected to a wifi network or gsm home alarm).
  • If you are the victim of a burglary, the images from the surveillance video can be used to provide evidence for your insurance company.
  • To continue, check that your wall motion detector is securely attached. Indeed, if your motion detector is poorly fixed or fixed on a fragile surface that moves your detector can be triggered alone. It is important to attach your detector to a solid surface that does not move such as a pole, tree or wall.
  • Finally, check the settings of your motion detector. Make sure the switch is not in test mode. The test mode usually triggers the light indefinitely. The same goes for manual mode. In order to put your detector light back in automatic mode turn it off for a few seconds and then turn it back on.
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How to choose the best wireless alarm for your home equipped with surveillance cameras?

How to choose a home alarm with camera?

The location of the camera

In order to make it more effective in its surveillance role, as well as to reduce the possibility of intrusion alarm, the camera(s) must be strategically placed in the house (near an opening and passage areas for example) inside and outside your home.

The clean and individual performances that make up the surveillance camera

Is the night vision camera integrated? What total range of the lens area does it cover? What is the storage capacity of the video? Is the recording of the live stream automatic? Is live viewing possible? And is it done via a connected application? What type of detector (door, motion…) do you use and need?

These are all questions you need to ask yourself before buying a wireless alarm with the camera.

The network connection method used by the camera

If you have a home alarm system without a subscription, you choose the mode of access to the photos of the camera (GSM or WiFi network).

A traditional IP surveillance camera can be connected to a network using the security system (central alarm siren, detectors, central alarm) or standalone (in this case, it is a basic monitoring function and it does not trigger an alarm).

The function of the camera within the home security system

A standard wireless wifi surveillance camera is equipped to record videos all day, every day.

The latest generation surveillance cameras integrate alert and detection functions: motion detection, slip detector, facial recognition, and even automatic lighting!

Beware of hidden camera fees in some security systems

Before purchasing, check if the use of your device (e.g. video storage) is included for free.

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