Can I protect my house against a fire? 

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One of the things that scare us all the most when we have a house, whether rented or bought, is that it burns down. Without a doubt, we can see everyday news in the media about this fact that frightens us. That is why we want to leave you a little calmer and find out how you can protect your home against a fire. 

Having a house protected from any event that may occur, such as a fire, is one of the best ways to be calm and safe. Hence, our team has everything planned for you and your well-being. We will work side by side with you so that you do not have to worry about anything that happens in your home, both when you are inside and when you are outside. Now we are going to explain how to protect yourself against fire.  

The perfect protection against a fire 

Fire protection and detection systems have a special role in every home or business. We never know if these accidents can happen or not, that’s why at Segurinter we want to tell you about some of the services we have so that you can count on us and be calm.  

At Segurinter we have a receiving center for all security systems, including the fire system. That is why all the devices that we install will send us alarm signals that are detected by smoke. Also, you will have fire buttons that you can lean on in your facilities to protect yourself from fire or smoke. The elements we work with are the following: 

  1. The most important: fire extinguishers. You will have seen that in all stores, companies or industrial buildings they have one every X meters. We can provide your home with total security by installing a network of fire extinguishers with which you feel more protected. 
  2. The same happens with the installation of a dry column in your company or in your home. 
  3. The fire stations are also important so that they give us the signal at the center and we can act. 
  4. It is essential to detect the fire at the key moment, this will allow us to prevent greater evils and that the fire is extinguished throughout the house or warehouse. 
  5. The maintenance of all these devices that will help us against the fire is essential since if one of them is damaged because it has not passed the revision, it will not help us in a situation of this caliber. 

As you have seen, at Segurinter you will have all kinds of measures to keep you safe both inside and outside your home. It is time to contact us so that we can help you with everything you need. We serve both companies and homes so that they do not lack any type of coverage throughout the year. Call us or write to us and our team will be happy to help you without obligation. 

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