Do surveillance cameras have a flashing red light?

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Surveillance cameras raise a lot of questions. Many of you are wondering about the little flashing red light that is seen on surveillance cameras in movies. Does this mean that the camera that is filming you is real? Right?

Do real surveillance cameras have a flashing red light?

Contrary to popular belief, not necessarily, the contrary. The image we have of the surveillance camera is somewhat erroneous from reality which is quite different.

You will find through this article the elements that we have been able to collect on the surveillance cameras and the flashing red light.

What is the red light of a surveillance camera?

Despite the assumptions that we have about surveillance cameras, most cameras that have to flash red lights are fake.

This is because the red light only means that the camera is plugged in via an external power supply. The movies have put in our minds that this means that the camera is recording, but this is not the case.

On the contrary, it is by this detail that burglars usually recognize a fake surveillance camera. The flashing red light gives the impression that the camera is filming, but this is only an impression.

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However, some cameras that record video may have this flashing light, but nowadays the majority are fake surveillance cameras.

Dummy camera or a real camera?

To continue, nowadays most burglars know that the flashing light of a camera is a deterrent more than anything else and are no longer intimidated by it.

Moreover, whether it displays a light or not will not change their intentions. As long as the camera is as little visible as possible.

Should I use a fake surveillance camera?

Many dummy cameras have a very similar look that can be convincing. So why not save money by simply installing a fake camera?

It is not recommended to bet on a fake camera. As said before, red light is no longer really a deterrent argument for burglars who know this trick.

In addition, if you want to deceive criminals as much opt for a fake camera without red light it may have its effect but it is not recommended.

Why not use a dummy camera?

As said just above, burglars are used to cameras and the flashing red light easily tells them that it is a fake surveillance camera.

In addition, there are many other reasons why it is really not recommended to use a dummy camera.

Indeed, if the burglars realize that your remote surveillance camera is fake or that they simply do not take it into account by continuing a burglary, you will not have any recording of the scene to prove it.

In addition, if burglars realize that you have a fake camera they will probably be more confident to continue their burglary.

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Investing in a real surveillance camera is therefore not to be neglected and is even highly recommended.

In case of burglary, your fake surveillance camera is useless. The security of your home and loved ones is now not much more expensive than investing in a fake camera that is no longer really effective.

Can dummy cameras make you vulnerable?

Even though burglars can be intimidated by a fake camera and not commit a burglary, someone around you you don’t suspect or even your neighbors will certainly know.

Let’s take a concrete example. If your employees are aware that dummy cameras are protecting the establishment, it will be easier for them to commit a crime or sponsor a crime from a friend, family, or acquaintance outside the company by disclosing this information.

Even resonance for the family home where a false sense of security sets in which makes you much more vulnerable to ill-intentioned people.

Putting your responsibility at stake

If you own a business for example, you can put your responsibility on the line with fake cameras.

Indeed, it comes back to the “false sense of security” where your employees can leave valuables in their lockers or their cars feel protected by the video surveillance camera of the interior or parking lot. In case of theft, the fake surveillance camera may fail you and the employee will not fail to sue you.

Conclusion: Dummy cameras in a nutshell

The best solution is nice and good to forget the dummy cameras to opt for a real camera.

Indeed, fake cameras can be a deterrent but do not protect you in any way. In case of burglary, you will also have no evidence to corroborate your claims.

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In addition, surveillance cameras now have live replay on your smartphone which allows you to intervene or have someone intervene directly.

Finally, the price of a real infrared surveillance camera is not much higher than a fake one and can save you a lot of trouble for your home or business. For a few euros more you can put your belongings and loved ones in the shelter.

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