effective response to emergencies

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The guarantee of rapid personalized assistance with the SOS button

Everyday life accidents remain the leading cause of death in the USD . In 2016, the Institut de la Veille Sanitaire published a study on this subject and made it possible to concretely quantify this phenomenon. The institute reveals that young children and the elderly are the most affected.

Isolation, lack of training in first aid, physical inability to contact a rescue center, panic attack or dizziness at the time of the events… are all elements that can explain these alarming figures. Furthermore, we know that one out of two accidents takes place at home.

Take for example an elderly person who lives alone. The risks of falling are unfortunately real and high. 65% of domestic accidents are falls among people over 60. This proportion rises to 85% for the over 65s.

A bad fall can happen quickly and immobilize the elderly person. With a remote control equipped with an SOS button, she can immediately contact a remote monitoring agent and receive the necessary help.

The SOS button is a quick and effective solution. With a simple press, you get in touch with a remote monitoring agent who can establish a diagnosis of the situation and contact a rescue center (SAMU, firefighters, police, etc.). They are trained to respond to these situations. They can thus inform the emergency services with precision and facilitate their arrival and intervention.

Complete remote monitoring to optimize security

The SOS button is installed in addition to a traditional remote monitoring system. With a traditional system, the incident risks being detected after the fact. It may then be too late for the person in danger. This is why leading companies in the field of remote monitoring, such as SEPSAD, include this SOS button in their offers. It provides a simple, basic and effective solution to ensure your security.

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