How connected systems improve the lives of seniors?

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Enhanced living comfort for preserved autonomy

Effortless household chores

Many household tasks can now be performed by robots, such as increasingly sophisticated autonomous vacuum cleaners that vacuum and even wash the floor without any human intervention.

In the garden too, it is possible to do without tedious tasks such as mowing the lawn, the robot-mower taking care of it for you, or watering, thanks to the automatic watering systems that can be programmed or controlled by smartphone.

So many connected objects that make life easier for seniors and help preserve their physical health.

Home automation for an intuitive home

Home automation makes it possible to control more and more devices remotely. The shutters thus close automatically according to the brightness or their programming, while the gate can be controlled remotely, avoiding travel to welcome visitors. Temperature control, fully automated thanks to connected thermostats, also guarantees an optimal level of comfort.

In short, a connected house, equipped with home automation, takes care of its inhabitants without them having to think about it!

Optimum security to reassure seniors and their families

Connected objects that watch over seniors

Connected objects can be invaluable aids in securing seniors and ensuring their health. Connected pill dispensers ensure, for example, that they never forget to take their medicine again, while connected watches or pendants issue an alert in the event of a fall being detected. Some also include an SOS button or even heart rate control… A real home medical assistant!

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Remote monitoring for 24/7 remote monitoring

Getting older also often means feeling more vulnerable to break-ins. Securing the home is therefore a very effective way to secure the elderly and allow them to continue to live at home with complete peace of mind. And remote surveillance companies are constantly innovating to guarantee them ever more security! Thus, the company SEPSAD, a major player in the remote surveillance sector, offers, in addition to the essential intrusion or smoke detectors, various probes for detecting certain domestic risks. A prolonged power outage, water damage, excessive or abnormally low temperature? The system reacts and immediately alerts the senior or the designated person of trust!

By providing seniors with improved comfort and an easier daily life, connected systems extend their autonomy while reassuring their loved ones who can be alerted remotely at the slightest danger. These systems are therefore a great asset for seniors who, once familiar with their operation, are quick to adopt them!

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