How to act after losses and thefts

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Having your home stolen is a concern for anyone, and the emotional strain left after a break-in should not be underestimated. For this reason, today we want to talk to you about how you have to act after losses and theft in your home, even if they are complicated times, you have to know the right thing. Read our following recommendations carefully to be aware of everything that can happen. 

 What do I have to do if my home is robbed?

Well, memorize the following tips so that you do not have future problems in the investigation of your case and the culprits can be found. 

1. Call the police and report the theft

Report theft in your home immediately: the sooner you report a crime, the better the chances that it will be solved. Also, on the other hand, if you suspect the thief is still inside, don’t go in! Instead, call the police from outside your property, preferably from the safety of your car or a neighbor’s house.

 If the robbery has already happened and there is no danger, call the emergency line. The police must give you a reference of the event, this reference you will only need if you decide to make a claim to your home insurance for any theft or damage. 

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On the other hand, we want to tell you that if you are at home and someone breaks in to steal, it is important to stay calm and not let the adrenaline cloud your judgment. As long as it’s safe to do so, get out of the house as quickly as you can. Avoid confronting the thief: nothing he can take is worth risking your life.

 If you can’t escape safely, find a safe place to hide, preferably where you can lock yourself up. After that, he calls the police and explains the situation as calmly as possible.

 2. The second step you have to take is: Don’t touch anything!

You may feel like you need to clean up or tidy up whatever the thief has disturbed to get everything back in its place again. But, as far as possible, control this feeling. A thief could have left forensic evidence at the crime scene while he was burglarizing your home. This could be vital to catching them, so follow this essential step well.

 3. Inform your bank

If any debit cards or credit cards are missing, notify your bank or credit card company immediately. This is because they must put an immediate block on the use of your cards and then issue replacements. You may also need to do this if any digital storage devices containing your financial data have been stolen.

4. Inform your mobile provider 

If your phone has been stolen during the robbery, make sure to contact your mobile provider as soon as possible. Your carrier can lock your phone and prevent anyone else from using it. If you don’t do this, you could be liable for costs incurred by the person who stole your phone. 

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5. Take note of any stolen or damaged property

Go through your property room by room and make a complete list of everything that has been stolen. Write down all the details you can about them; this includes serial numbers and any identification markings, if possible. Don’t forget to include any digital media such as e-books, video games, and downloaded movies.

6. Contact your home insurance company

Assuming you have a home insurance policy, you should be able to claim for stolen or damaged items or property damage. Contact your insurer as soon as possible and let them know what has happened. They should be able to walk you through the process and fill out the claim form. It is at this point, when you need the list of stolen/damaged property and the reference number of the crime that you have previously reported.

7. Secure your home

Doors or windows broken during the robbery must be repaired immediately. If you have home emergency coverage, you can use it to make your home safe again. Also, the police attending the burglary should point out any obvious weaknesses in the security of your home. If not, it’s worth asking them. Consider this an opportunity to improve the fortifications of your home so that it is more difficult to return to a situation as uncomfortable as the one you may have experienced.

8. Get the support you need

Since theft can be a traumatic event, the police may refer your case to Victim Services, or you can contact them yourself.

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 How can home insurance help me if I’ve been robbed? 

A good home insurance policy could help you replace your items if they’re stolen. your content policy should cover your items, providing replacements or money for a replacement. That is why it is important to accurately estimate the value of your items and make that list that we have mentioned before so that you do not miss any details.

 On the other hand too, your buildings policy should cover any broken windows or doors. After a theft, your insurance costs could go up if you need to file a claim. This could be an opportunity to look around the market to see if you can find a cheaper policy.

 The home insurance market is extremely competitive, which is why it is always worth comparing prices. Whether it’s homeowners or buildings insurance, or a combination policy, take the time to compare prices and policies.

It’s time to take matters into your own hands and protect your home like never before. Contact us and see how we can help you be protected both when you are outside your home, and when you are inside.

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