How to choose a surveillance camera for individuals?

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Are there any rules to follow?

If video surveillance is used in almost all businesses and in many public spaces, more and more individuals decide to equip themselves with surveillance cameras to protect their homes from intrusions. Unlike professionals, the installation of a camera for an individual does not impose any standard, regulation or declaration to the CNIL (Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés). You are only required to respect the privacy of those around you and not to film public roads. Like conventional cameras, the price of surveillance cameras varies according to their options: image quality, sound quality, lens size, remote flash activation, infrared option, zooms, facial recognition, etc.

The different formulas

There are now many formulas for effectively protecting your home, managing everything yourself or delegating this task to agents. Let’s first look at the connected camera: when a suspicious movement is detected, the owner is alerted by a notification and can decide to watch what is happening live. There are also cameras connected to alarm systems for a dissuasive effect. At the same time, there are more and more complete kits that work by subscription for 24-hour monitoring by professionals who manage alerts and interventions themselves. Finally, for optimal and automatic protection, it is advisable to combine a surveillance camera connected to an alarm system and linked to a remote monitoring center, all controllable via your telephone.

Surveillance and privacy

If the most complete option may worry some about their privacy, some remote monitoring companies have set up an privacy mode, which can be activated via a mobile application. Among them is Protection 24, a company that has been an expert in remote monitoring for 20 years. Their complete formula from 32 USD 70 per month ( or their simpler formula with just a remotely monitored camera ( each time includes a detection system (camera or detector) connected to an alarm and connected at the monitoring center, all remotely controllable by the associated mobile application. The privacy mode can be activated in one click and at any time, to be protected without sacrificing your privacy.

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