How to detect a spy camera?

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Whether you are on vacation in an Airbnb rental, a hotel room, at work, in a bathroom, or simply in a home you do not know, the presence of invisible spy cameras touches many people by filming them without their knowledge. Most often the wireless spy camera is placed in the places that are least expected. Even if this practice is totally forbidden when it is not specified to the tenant (in the case of a rental), in practice it happens more often than we think.

So we will see through this article how to know if a spy camera is present in the room. And there are many tricks.

Where are spy cameras hidden?

Nowadays, more and more stories of non-consensual espionage are being heard. And for good reason, the remote spy camera is getting smaller and smaller and it is sometimes difficult to detect them.

As said before, whether in a hotel room or a vacation rental you can be spied on without your knowledge almost anywhere via undetectable spy cameras.

We will see together the main hiding places where it will be important for you to look in order to flush out a spy camera.

Electronic devices

A radio alarm clock spy camera, a bezel spy camera or even a teddy bear spy camera, are very good places to hide a discreet surveillance camera.

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Indeed, the small lights sent by the camera can easily be camouflaged in this kind of digital device.

In addition, these electronic devices often have an aperture or a spy camera can be entered.

Air conditioning, heating, and ventilation duct

These types of hiding places are to be observed because people do not necessarily pay attention to them, which is a good place to discreetly place a camera.

In addition, just like our electronic friends, these objects have many openings where a spy camera can be placed.

Wall and everyday object

It is also important to check the walls especially if they are old. Some walls of old rooms have mini holes or cracks that you do not necessarily pay attention to. A nail or screw can easily hide a mini spy camera. The cameras are so small that you may also stumble upon a next-generation pen spy camera.

Also observe everyday objects that seem strange to you, that have nothing to do here or that do not weigh in. It is possible to come across glasses without correction or on a very heavy cup of coffee for example. More and more spy cameras in decorative objects it’s used.

An interesting point of view

Finally, most of the time the spy surveillance camera is placed high. You will have to put yourself in the place of the one who places the infrared spy camera.

Check every vent, curtain rod or light fixture that is high up as these are the best vantage points.

For example, get in the shower and go to the most interesting viewpoints to observe this location.

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How do I detect a hidden camera with my phone?

Know that your phone is of valuable use to flush out a wifi spy camera in your environment.

There are several ways to detect a spy camera with your phone and we will see them right away.

Use your phone’s camera

Most of the time the wireless remote spy camera diffuses a very light infrared light that is almost impossible to detect with the naked eye.

To do this:

  • Turn off the light and close the shutters of the room where you are in order to find yourself in total darkness.
  • Open your phone’s camera.
  • Look around through your phone for a bright red or purple bright spot
  • If you see a suspicious light go inspect it (it can be a spy camera)

You can also use your phone’s flash to look for a lens that reflects or dazzles in the dark.

Detect electromagnetic interference nearby

In order to detect electromagnetic interference make a call from your phone. When you are in communication, move gently across the room trying to find interference.

Indeed, cameras often emit slight local interference that you can hear during communication.

Then try to find the original source of these signals by moving where the volume becomes most powerful.

Inspect the local network on your phone

In many cases, the local network can betray the presence of spy cameras.

To do this:

  • Disconnect all electronic devices connect that surround you.
  • Using an application like (available on iOS and Android) run a scan of your local network
  • Do not forget to turn off all connected devices from the room as said before, then click on all the ip addresses that are present there one by one then click on “Find open ports”
  • Then copy the ip address into your browser and paste followed by “:” and the port found earlier via “Find open ports”.
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In the case of spy camera, you will come across either the vision of the live camera or a password request.

This is a formidable technique to detect a spy camera in your home.

Spy camera detection app

If you have a few dollars to spend, spy camera detection apps are also a good option to consider.

Indeed, with the help of various applications, you can detect electromagnetic fields and interference or infrared lights with more simplicity.

We have collected for you the main Android and iOS applications to detect a spy camera:

Android spy camera detection app

  • Hidden Camera Finder
  • Hidden Camera
  • Camera Detector
  • Hidden Camera Detector
  • Detect Bug
  • Hidden Spy Camera Detection

Apple spy camera detection app

  • I am notified
  • DontSpy
  • Hidden Camera Detector
  • Spy Hidden Camera Detector
  • Ghost Camera Finder
  • Hidden Spy Camera Detector

Conclusion: Detecting a spy camera in summary

To conclude, remember that nowadays mini spy cameras can hide almost anywhere.

Be sure to check the places with the best views.

In addition, do not forget that your phone is a major asset to flush out a probable spy camera.

Use all the techniques seen above in order to be relieved, and relaxed and protect your privacy in any place whether it is in an Airbnb, a hotel room, or any other place that may spy on you.

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