How to effectively place a smoke detector

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What is the law around smoke detectors?

Since 2015, the law is final, you have the obligation to install at least one smoke detector or DAAF in your home. If this regulation seems strict, it does not however provide for penalties for offenders. Thus, you remain free to equip yourself or not with this equipment which still represents a security. On the other hand, if you are a landlord or if you rent rooms in your accommodation, you must comply with this requirement. What about fire insurance? If your insurer can consider a discount on your premium because you meet the prevention conditions with an installed detector, it cannot charge you an increase in the opposite case. In any case, you will be reimbursed up to your guarantee.

What are the most suitable rooms for this installation?

If common sense prevails as in all cases, it is still advisable to avoid rooms such as the bathroom or the kitchen. In the first case, you risk rendering the detection system inoperative due to the humidity that reigns in this place. In the second case, you risk being alerted inadvertently, as soon as you want to cook a steak or you have forgotten a dish in the oven. It is obviously necessary to favor places of passage such as the hallway or your living room and in this case avoid smoking inside.

Are DAAFs sufficient for optimal security?

If the DAAF detection system is effective, you may prefer to entrust the monitoring of your home to specialists. Remote surveillance companies such as SEPSAD guarantee the security of your home. They alert you as soon as a fire starts so that you can intervene urgently. The fire detection standard does not specify what types of detectors to install. However, they must be approved in order to provide you with efficient service.

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