How to effectively prevent home jacking?

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A phenomenon on the rise

You may be familiar with car jacking, which consists of stealing a car, but do you know Home Jacking? It consists of entering a dwelling while the owners are inside. An incredible situation, even improbable a few years ago, this type of intrusion represented more than 3,400 attacks in 2017 compared to 3,000 recorded in 2015, and this figure is constantly increasing. Home-jacking takes place according to a very violent and often traumatic operating mode for the occupants of the accommodation which has been visited in their presence. Not to mention that more than half of these attacks are carried out with a firearm or bladed weapon.

A well-established modus operandi

Thieves enter your home more easily because they know your habits, how to close your doors and windows, or even the access code to your residence. They know what assets they can steal from you and how to impress you if they kidnap you to get what they want. In some cases, jackers manage to get home after a trust-building approach. These burglars are mainly looking for valuables, a bank card and easily transportable jewelry. Lonely or elderly people are much easier prey to steal for these predators who often have no scruples.

Effective deterrents

You can choose to keep a pet, such as a dog, or even a parrot at home, but this remains restrictive. Certain common sense reflexes such as locking your home as soon as you are inside and closing your shutters at nightfall are recommended. You can also choose the number to call a loved one when you feel an inappropriate presence at home or call the gendarmerie by dialing 17.

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Either way, surveillance solutions are the most effective way to secure yourself. An alarm is always a powerful means of prevention to prevent certain thieves from entering your home. Whether it is an audible or visual alarm and whether it is connected to the police station in the best case, it is a dissuasive solution. Remote surveillance agencies such as SEPSAD are responsible for ensuring your safety. Press the SOS button and the remote monitoring center will carry out the necessary checks and interventions.

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