How to move your smart home

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Can we move our alarm when we move?

Unlike wired systems which can pose difficulties when moving, most wireless alarm models move quite easily. The various equipment (alarm system, motion, smoke or opening detectors, surveillance cameras, etc.) are in fact independent of each other and transmit their information by radio waves, thus facilitating their dismantling.

By carefully studying the instructions, it is therefore possible to uninstall and reinstall your remote monitoring system yourself. Be careful, however, to proceed carefully so as not to damage the equipment!

In addition, even if it may seem simple to proceed alone, remember that it is essential to check that your remote monitoring system is well suited to your new home before reinstalling it! Number and type of sensors or range of radio waves, the configuration and installation of a connected alarm depend on many parameters to guarantee the perfect security of your home. Better to call in a professional.

Call your monitoring company before moving

If you have a subscription with a remote monitoring company, the first reflex before moving is to check your remote monitoring contract. A removal clause must appear there and the most serious companies generally offer their services for the removal and reassembly of their alarm system. Professional expertise that guarantees meticulous work and rigorous reinstallation.

This intervention is all the more necessary as it then allows the company to study your new accommodation to advise you on whether or not you need to adapt your equipment.

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A move can also be an opportunity to take advantage of attractive offers, such as that offered by the remote surveillance company SEPSAD, the market leader, which allows you to benefit from the installation of a new system at no cost to your new address with two months of free subscription. And if the new occupant takes over the alarm system, he also benefits from two months free, just like the former resident in thanks for his sponsorship.

What to move in all serenity, without worrying about its future safety, and even saving money!

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