How to protect your house on an isolated plot from burglars?

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Don’t rely on system D

You fell in love with this land a little set back from any activity. You enjoy the silence and tranquility to which you aspire. On the other hand, you are not safe from the visit of possible intruders. These are burglars or people who want to take advantage of your space of freedom during your absences. How can you bear the idea of ​​your land being soiled by the presence of undesirable people?

You have considered personal means to preserve the integrity of your home. Your dog is definitely not a guard dog, you don’t feel like raising geese and risking having your calves bitten. The neighbors are too distant for you to benefit from their watchful eye. You wanted to install barbed wire above your fence but the prospect of making it look like a detention camp legitimately puts you off. Just like setting up sound signals to scare off intruders. Unfortunately, many devices are triggered as soon as a presence is detected, which can make your nights rather restless.

Slightly more professional solutions

There are still more sophisticated devices such as surveillance cameras. You have the option of choosing dummy cameras. They remain little dissuasive in general.

Others capture everything so you can watch it later. It is a system that requires expensive hardware. You can spot, even recognize the intruders who have decided to invest your land. But how to react then? Your land may be far from your home and you do not have the possibility of intervening. It is also necessary to master all the subtleties of the camera to connect it correctly. Your lack of availability and your means do not allow you this choice.

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In addition, you could add a warning sign indicating that the property is under remote surveillance. This can deter, or on the contrary draw attention to the value of what it protects.

Ensure a foolproof solution

Some surveillance agencies take care of the remote monitoring of your home for you. They are specialized in this field and some, such as the remote surveillance company SEPSAD, are even leaders in this very particular and specialized sector. Thanks to their know-how, your home is somehow protected 24 hours a day. In addition, by coupling the remote monitoring device with camouflaged cameras invisible on your property to intruders who think they are all allowed, you will always be alerted in the event of an intrusion. As far as remote monitoring is concerned, Sepsad takes care of the necessary house-related checks and then alerts you and the authorities if necessary. You sleep soundly with your land and home preserved!

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