Secure your home with a smart camera

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Control your home remotely and live

Thanks to its internet connection (by Ethernet cable or WiFi), the Protection 24 smart camera allows you to see remotely, and live, what is happening in your home.

Equipped with an infrared motion detector, for day and night operation, the camera monitors the slightest movement within a radius of 10 m. At the slightest alert, it triggers and films the scene, before sending the images directly to your smartphone. It is even possible to control the camera remotely, or to trigger a very deterrent sound warning!

And with an image resolution of up to 1.3 million pixels, there’s little chance a potential intruder will miss you!

Operation made easier thanks to a free application on smartphone, which allows you to activate or deactivate the system as you wish and to control all the features of the camera remotely.

A connected technology that guarantees an ever faster reaction in the event of an intrusion!

A camera connected to the monitoring center

Even if it is reassuring to be able to control the security of your home wherever you are, the installation of a smart video surveillance camera alone is not enough to ensure optimal protection.

To ensure your safety, the system is coupled with an automatic alert sent to the monitoring center. At the slightest detection of movements recorded by the camera, the center is alerted and also receives the images. A team, available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, is then responsible for analyzing them and contacting the Forces of Order as quickly as possible, in the event of an intrusion or proven danger.

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A smart camera indeed, since it not only alerts you, but can even call the police for you! What you leave more serenely, spy camera in your pocket…

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