The advantages of a DAAF linked to remote monitoring

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Since 2015, the Morange law has imposed the installation of smoke detectors, or DAAF, on all individuals and professionals. It must be said that the figures are enough to make you pale, since there are more than 250,000 domestic fires a year in France, one every 2 minutes, responsible for 10,000 injuries including 800 deaths, mainly due to smoke poisoning. .
But if the DAAF is an effective means of warning owners in the event of a fire, this device also has its limits. Limits which can however be overcome thanks to remote monitoring.

daaf connect remote monitoring

Prevent the risk of fire with the smoke detector

The DAAF (Autonomous Smoke Alarm Detector) consists of a small box equipped with sensors capable of detecting the smoke emitted during the combustion of various materials: wood, paper, plastic, etc.

Placed on the ceiling in a strategic location, the smoke detector triggers a strident alarm at the slightest detection of smoke in the ambient air. The installation of this device thus makes it possible to effectively alert residents, even when they are asleep. However, 70% of fatal fires occur at night.

Combine the DAAF with remote monitoring for enhanced protection

The smoke detector is a very effective fire prevention tool, provided the accommodation is not empty! However, of the 250,000 domestic fires recorded in France each year, 7 out of 10 are triggered during the day, at times when the owners are often absent. The DAAF alone is then of no use, except to hope that a neighbor hears the alarm and gives the alert…

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To overcome this limit and strengthen the security of your home, it is advisable to couple this device to a remote monitoring system which takes over in your absence. Connected to the system, the detector triggers its sound alert while at the same time communicating with the alarm centre. Depending on the model, the latter takes care of notifying you, for example by sending an SMS, and alerts the monitoring center which can call the fire brigade if the fire is confirmed.

How to install a smoke detector associated with remote monitoring?

If the combination of a DAAF with a remote monitoring system represents the perfect combination to protect your home from the risk of fire, even in your absence, its installation must be meticulous.

Do not hesitate to call on the services of experienced professionals, specialists in remote monitoring. The SEPSAD company, leader for 20 years in the remote monitoring market in France, offers, for example, smoke detectors as an option, connected 24 hours a day to the alarm centre, and therefore to the monitoring centre.

This approach guarantees not only the proper functioning of your system, but also an optimal positioning of your smoke detectors. You will thus avoid the risk of accidental triggering, due for example to the release of steam in the kitchen, or worse, the absence of detection due to poor positioning.

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