The right actions to limit the risk of domestic fires Fire prevention: the right actions

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Monitoring of electrical devices

This may seem obvious in theory and yet we sometimes do it in practice: do not leave the hotplates on unattended! An accident happened so quickly. Furthermore, it is strongly recommended to avoid leaving electrical equipment on standby. Sockets should also not be overloaded with high-power devices. In fact, the risk of electrical wires overheating can quickly lead to a fire.

Facility maintenance

The electrical, gas and heating installations must be checked regularly by a specialist. In the event of a suspicious smell, immediately shut off the gas line, stop using any electrical appliances and ventilate.
Beyond this maintenance reserved for the specialist, other small daily actions will reinforce the safety of your home: replace sockets or switches in poor condition, clean the hood to prevent grease from igniting…
For information, 25% of fires come from an electrical installation whose maintenance has not been carried out.
The chimneys of houses equipped with open fires must also be swept at least once a year. The firewall is a simple means that limits the risk of fire during the combustion of wood.
The need for control naturally applies to smoke detectors which will quickly warn the inhabitants of the dwelling, thus allowing them to act.

Free access to equipment and exit doors

Electrical panels and fire safety equipment must be quickly accessible.
Indeed, during a fire, the time element is essential. It is necessary to avoid congestion which would slow down the treatment. For the same reason, if a door is locked, remember to leave a key nearby.

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Smoke detector and remote monitoring system

The installation of a smoke detector (DAAF) has been mandatory in all homes since March 8, 2015 and we recommend connecting it to a remote monitoring system, so the operator will react immediately by sending help.
The new generation detectors have taken an additional step in safety since even in the event of weak batteries, a double signal (beep plus light) is generally sent to the remote monitoring centre.

Do not wait before it’s too late. Check now that all these gestures are observed.

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