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Buying the house of your dreams, obtaining the premises for your business, having the opportunity to rent that flat, the place where you will feel comfortable, free and safe, where you can be yourself without being accountable to anything or anyone, is an opportunity that not everyone has, and that you have to make the most of, since they take months and years of effort to work on.

Having a place to live, or a place for your company is the culmination of the lifestyle of many people who have total independence as their goal. Once you manage not to depend on anyone in economic matters, you can consider the place of your dreams in the short, medium and long term, or simply the one that suits your needs.

Insecurity is a scourge that in one way or another has affected various countries in the world, since organized groups have been protagonists of acts of terrorism, even simple robberies in stores and individuals, for which the work of the authorities has required the support of society in general to combat the onslaught of crime on the planet.

Certainly, there are statistics that reflect the most violent rates of insecurity in the world. Countries in Africa and Latin America are usually among the first on the list, although practically no territory in the world escapes this. However, actions such as having cash on the street, taking out your cell phone in public at any time of the day or night and talking quietly, among others, become easy targets for crime.

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The culture of each nation counts, and the values ​​transmitted at home, family and the environment, can make the difference between forming an honest and good person, or an individual marked by bad examples and immorality, therefore, remain vigilant in the streets before any sensation or moment that generates insecurity is necessary to combat and eradicate it, a fight led by the competent authorities, but where the whole society has a grain of sand to contribute to improve the situation.

Certainly, the 21st century has marked a before and after in terms of security, because different analog and technological tools have emerged that have gradually gained their space in large and small towns, with the aim not only of preventing robberies, of insecurity, but also to be able to identify those possibly responsible for the act.

Appearance of alarms

An alarm can be defined as a signal that aims to warn that a dangerous situation is occurring in the place or near there, and in this way help people who are on the site to make the best decisions to stay safe. . Their origins date back to the 1800s where different historical figures laid the foundations of what alarm systems are today.

The first alarm with an electromagnetic system was created by Augustus Russell Pope of Sommerville in the year 1853, thanks to being a very curious and skilled man. His invention began to replace simpler security tools such as the barking of guard dogs, squawks of geese, or mechanical bells to alert the presence of thieves or antisocials who had the objective of disturbing the order.

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Pope’s system was based on a battery-powered electrical circuit, which was connected to doors and windows, and aimed to generate a strong vibration in the place when detecting sudden movements. The originality of Pope’s creation is that the alarm could not be silenced by closing doors or windows, because once activated, it continued to work thanks to a spring that was above the door and helped to continue the alarm system.

Although Pope’s invention was undoubtedly novel, history does not consider him to be the main creator of alarms in the world. It is said that the father of security alarm installations was Edwin Holmes, who was a merchant and founder of the first company in this field in the world, from whom it is presumed that he acquired the rights to Pope’s invention in 1857.

Holmes, through his company called “Holmes Electric Protection Company” was the one who launched the technique of electromagnetic alarms on the planet, being a reference for the innovations that years later began to occur until today.

Once this is known, we can define an alarm system as a passive security component, whose main function is to warn people of a possible dangerous situation even if it cannot resolve it. Through the generated alert, people will know that there are intruders on the premises, criminals, or natural situations of force majeure that affect public order in one way or another.

high security alarms

Faced with the imminent and inevitable advances of society in the 21st century, security systems have not been left behind and with technological support they can now detect irregular situations in advance. Mainly, people from high society and governments of the world have these tools to protect the lives of different presidents and government officials, businessmen, among other individuals of the highest class.

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However, high security alarm systems are not only reserved for the groups mentioned above, but can also be found in places where there is a constant and resounding influx of people, such as shopping malls, football stadiums, theaters. , pyrotechnics among other disciplines where what we have to protect is critical.

These systems are not only in these massive enclosures to prevent theft, but also to alert about possible terrorist acts, which in recent years have been one of the most devastating violent practices in terms of human and material losses.

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