What are the criteria for buying a home alarm system?

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Buying a home alarm system is becoming more and more complicated with the multitude of offers and features available on the market.

If you want to know the main criteria to take into account before buying an alarm system for the security of your home or warehouse you are in the right place.

The ease of use of the alarm system

Using an app can make it much easier for you to use a wireless home alarm. The same applies to uses by SMS via a gsm line.

Other parameters are to be taken into accounts such as the type of installation or the settings.

However, most new-generation alarms do not require work. Adding other accessories such as a motion detector or window opening detector should also be simple.

In addition, its activation and deactivation must be quick and easy.

These are full of small details that can make your life difficult if they are not easy to use. Tests or customer reviews can guide you before purchasing.

The volume of the alarm siren

In the majority of burglaries, a powerful alarm siren scares away burglars. Unfortunately many alarm systems on the market are not that powerful.

To be effective, we advise you to opt for an alarm siren of at least 110 dB.

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The emergency relay

When you plan to buy a home alarm system it is important that your alarm has a different emergency relay, especially on a wireless installation.

Indeed, many types of alarms are connected to the internet. It is therefore preferable to have an alternative relay by gsm line in case of power failure.

You can opt for a mobile alternative that allows you to receive SMS or calls in case of intrusion or a problem occurred. It is then necessary to have a SIM card and an additional 4G/5G package.

Some battery-operated alarms also have a backup relay in case the batteries run out. It is also a good alternative for the security of your home.

Finally, be sure to make sure that your alarm can alert you in case of intrusion and snatching by a malicious individual.


It is important to buy a compatible home alarm system if you have pets present at home.

Indeed, otherwise, your alarm may sound when your pet passes in front of the detectors. This is unpleasant and can wake you up in the middle of the night when there is no danger.

This is a criterion to look at before buying one of the models of home alarm systems, even if these detectors are not infallible with very large animals.

Partial protection

Partial protection, also called zoning, allows you to alert only part of your home and sensors.

For example, you can leave the garage in protection and not the living room when you are in your home.

This can be useful if you do not want to activate the part of your house or apartment where your dog is located for example.

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Home automation

Many home automation equipment are added to the central alarm to complete the alarm system of your home. Be sure to make sure they are compatible with the plant.

In addition, the home automation alarm also allows you to interact with your home such as closing shutters, garages or lights. If you want a house equipped and connected in an automatic you must look at this kind of criterion before buying a home alarm.

In addition, in addition to preventing theft, toxic fumes or water leaks, home automation is becoming an increasingly interesting criterion. It all depends on the connectivity you want for your home and the ease of use you want.

The quality of the camera

Many surveillance cameras have insufficient video quality. They are able to see a burglar but are rarely able to identify him in view of the image quality. So you need to pay attention to the image quality before buying a home alarm system.

Also, be sure to look at the widths of the viewing angle as well as its ability to film in the dark by infrared. The live stream on smartphones is also a very good asset for wifi surveillance cameras.

Finally, the storage of video is an important factor because some cameras cannot record much video which is a problem.


Some insurances require that the protection of your home is effective by alarms approved NF A2P when you have a high property value. This acronym means superior protection for its user. However, it requires a specialized installer.

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Conclusion: The main criteria useful for buying a complete home alarm

To conclude, the final choice depends on the use you want for your wireless home alarm system as well as the price you can put in.

The main criteria before buying a home alarm system are based on:

  • Using an app to access the live camera
  • The volume of the alarm
  • The backup generator
  • The quality of the camera and accessories
  • Motion and window opening detectors
  • Pet detection
  • The surface of the dwelling
  • Partial protection
  • Home automation
  • Certifications
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