What are the most common theft tactics used by thieves? 

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There comes a time when many people decide to go on vacation, in order to make the most of the free time they deserve. That is why now is when protection alarm services are triggered by thefts that are committed in homes. That is why we want to talk to you about the most common theft tactics used by thieves so that, apart from being protected with one of our alarms, you know how to identify if you are in danger.

The most common theft techniques 

We are going to explain to you one by one all the tactics that thieves repeat the most and do the most so that you can identify them at all times: 

  • The climb . It is one of the oldest. It is when a house is accessed through a window after having climbed up to it or dropped from the top of the building.
  • The slip . As locksmiths do when we leave the keys inside the house, the tactic is to use x-rays to open the door. 
  • The drill . Instead of breaking in directly, in this case, the thieves use a drill to make a hole in the window frame and insert a wire.
  • The magnet . Believe it or not, leaving the keys inside is very dangerous because criminals can use a magnet to turn the key from the outside and open the door. 
  • The bump . Another option that thieves use is through a kind of skeleton key. After giving it a small blow to the back it breaks and they can access it. 
  • Plastic markers or coins . These markers are the famous symbols or marks that all criminals make to know if a site is ready to act. To find out if it is viable in homes, thieves use methods such as putting plastic markers on the door frame or bending coins.  
  • The camera in the peephole . All the techniques they can perform to get their loot are becoming more and more innovative. In this case, thieves are also capable of unscrewing our peephole and placing micro cameras. In this way they study our movements and learn our routines to know when we are not at home. 
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