What is electronic access control used for in a company? 

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There is no doubt that having an alarm center protecting our company makes us calmer. But the electronic access control in a company together with the security system is achieved by having a count of who accesses the facilities and even a verification of the attendance of the employees. In this way, the administrative management of monitoring the identification process of all the people who come to our facilities is simplified.  

Next, we will solve your doubts about how an electronic access control system works, its advantages and the types of systems you can choose for your company.

Operation of the electronic access control system

The installation of a security system connected to the Internet facilitates the access control of entrances and exits to the facilities of your company. In a traditional control system, you always have to resort to manual control of anyone who enters or leaves. In addition, the economic cost of creating keys or the administrative work of generating changes to give access permissions to new employees, makes many employers choose electronic access as it is more efficient and secure.

On the one hand, companies can opt for systems that guarantee a reliable data history of compliance with the working hours of employees. With this record provided by the system, it makes it easier for the human resources department to detect compliance with the schedule. On the other hand, the incorporation of electronic access control systems facilitates the restriction of unauthorized workers to sensitive areas of the workplace. This contributes to the safety of personnel access, but also to the prevention of occupational risks.

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What advantages do access control systems offer?

  1. Entry and exit control at the gates.
  2. Restriction of access to a certain area or place of the company.
  3. Identification of users who enter or perform an operation.
  4. Record the working hours of employees.

Types of access control systems

  • CARD IDENTIFICATION : Magnetic cards activate the contact access system through a reader at the access barrier. They work by proximity, facilitating the movement of employees between different areas of the work environment.
  • BIOMETRIC SYSTEM : These systems are the ones that are evolving the most since authentication is performed by reading the fingerprint, iris recognition or even facial recognition.

We hope that you have no doubts about the electronic access control system and that you take the step to install it in your company. You will notice the difference from the first day because you will not miss any data and you will have everything under control. 

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