What security system for your second home?

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Second home: easy prey for thieves

Happy owner of a second home – be it a chalet in the mountains, a country house or a villa by the sea – the joy of these few months occupying it should not sweep away the potential risk that it stands for thieves. Indeed, a second home constitutes the easy prey par excellence since it remains uninhabited for long periods, often isolated from the rest of the dwellings and/or located in an area that is also deserted out of season. As a result, ill-intentioned people have free rein to operate. No fear of being interrupted or even surprised by the neighborhood during the burglary. The properties concerned are identified by permanently closed shutters, an obvious lack of maintenance such as unmowed lawn, weeds, dead leaves, flyers and uncollected mail, etc.

Securing your second home

Before even thinking about electrical protection, a few deterrent methods can be applied.

First, limit access: thieves often come out with their arms full of devices such as game consoles, screens, computers, hi-fi, state-of-the-art appliances, etc. Therefore, they must unload them in a vehicle. If the distance between it and the residence is too great, this can discourage them. An unbreakable gate, high barriers, fences, window bars, several complex locks are all precautions that will have the desired effect.

Secondly, protect your valuables by opting for a safe or take them with you outside of your periods of occupation of your second home.

Finally, to sleep on both ears, use the services of a company such as Protection 24, leader in terms of remote monitoring to fight against burglaries. It will proceed with the equipment of the material adapted to your property in order to prevent any intrusion or threat. Alarms, assistance, movement of a security guard, continuous remote monitoring, etc. The whole system depends on a set of parameters which you will discuss over the phone and then during installation in order to establish an estimate and the optimal protection. Thus, you will be able to enjoy your dear second home during your holidays and enjoy your main residence with confidence and serenity!

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Protection 24 also offers you a remote monitoring offer including a battery-operated alarm system (without electrical connection) and a GSM-GPRS transmission mode only. With a battery life of 3 to 4 years, you can cut off the electricity to your second home while maintaining its safety. Really practical!

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