Where to install a home alarm?

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Installing a wireless home alarm becomes essential to avoid intrusions or burglaries unwelcome on your property.

Many home alarm systems are available on the market. Most often they are accompanied by useful accessories for the good protection of your home.

Indeed, the connected home alarm is accompanied by motion detectors, smoke, water, door, or surveillance camera.

However, do you know what are the best places to install a home alarm? A motion detector? A surveillance camera?

If this is not the case this article will interest you.

Where to install the alarm panel?

To begin with, ideally, it is interesting to install the alarm center in a place that is not very visible. A location out of sight as in a closet remains a good solution.

In addition, if your system works in Wi-Fi it is interesting to place it in the center of the home to propagate the waves. The back of the front door of your home is also a good place to install a home alarm center.

In addition, the same goes for the remote control which must be hidden as much as possible while being quickly accessible. Its accessibility makes it possible to turn off the alarm system quickly in the event of an involuntary trigger, for example.

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Where to install your alarm siren?

Depending on the model of the home alarm you choose various places possible. It is important to choose a high and clear place in order to have an effective home alarm.

For indoor sirens, avoid enclosed spaces such as closets so that the sound of the siren spreads to the maximum. You can also install the home alarm at the entrance or on one of the main walls of the house.

For outdoor sirens, choose a high spot such as a wall directly on or towards your home. The siren must be heard as much as possible, obstacles or distance can slow down the sound volume.

Finally, do not hesitate to do several tests when you receive your alarm before installing it permanently. The location really plays on the effectiveness of the alarm.

Where to install your motion detector?

A wall motion detector must be installed at height.

Indeed, they must have an overview of the room or place in order for the sensors to be effective. It is also interesting to place them on a piece of furniture if they are discreet.

In addition, infrared motion detectors must be cleared as much as possible in order to be effective. They should not be hindered or hidden by furniture, curtains or plants for example.

To summarize, motion detectors must be installed in areas of unavoidable passages of the house or garden. The ideal is to place them in front of the passage areas.

The best places for an indoor motion detector:

  • Lobby
  • Corridor
  • Main room
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The best places for an outdoor motion detector:

  • Garage
  • Entrance
  • Garden Access
  • Barn / Cellar

Places to avoid when installing a motion detector:

  • In sunlight or lamp
  • Facing an obstacle
  • Near a heat source
  • Exposed to the weather

Where to install your surveillance camera?

Infrared surveillance cameras must be installed well above in order to have a clear view of the environment it is recording. Do not forget to clear the wifi surveillance camera and give it the best angle of view, in front of the passage areas.

Regarding indoor surveillance cameras, they must be as close to the ceiling as possible with a view of the entrances and main rooms.

As for outdoor surveillance cameras, they must be installed at the entrance and back of the house as well as close to the garage. Terraces and verandas are also good places as they are possible entrances for burglars. They should be placed away from the sun and rain.

Legal reminders about surveillance cameras

  • It is forbidden to film the exterior of your house and the public road
  • It is forbidden to film your neighbors or their property
  • You have to respect people’s image rights. If you have a domestic worker, you must warn him or her that you cannot film him permanently during his work.
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