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Faced with the proliferation of burglaries, more and more of us want to secure our property and our family by installing an alarm system. And while it may be tempting to want to save money by choosing and installing your own alarm, this solution is far from being the safest!

Indeed, even if manufacturers compete in ingenuity to sell kits that are always easier to install, the same is not true of an alarm system as of a kit piece of furniture! The number of parameters to take into account to ensure flawless security requires real expertise, which only a certified company can guarantee.

alarm installation - certified company

Take advantage of professional advice for choosing your alarm

Prior security level, accessibility of your home or neighborhood, the choice of an alarm system depends on many parameters, which are very difficult to assess yourself. However, equipment that is poorly adapted to the configuration of your home, or to your lifestyle, risks quickly becoming obsolete.
Going through a certified professional not only ensures that you acquire a suitable protection system, but also complies with standards!
Because if no legislation imposes the purchase of such or such type of alarm, certifications exist however to guarantee to the consumers a material of a high level of safety and an unfailing reliability.

A certified professional for an expert installation

With the many wireless alarm installation kits now available on the market, most DIY enthusiasts may be tempted to install their alarm without the help of a professional. However, there is no standard installation diagram, each dwelling requiring a tailor-made analysis!
The skills of a certified professional are particularly necessary for:

  • Place the control unit in a suitable place, easily accessible for you, but inaccessible for an intruder.
  • Position the various detectors in such a way as to effectively protect all accesses and avoid blind spots.
  • Set the alarm taking into account, for example, your lifestyle or the presence or absence of pets…
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So many essential criteria to guarantee you an optimal installation, for flawless protection!

Certifications to guarantee that you use a qualified company

To be sure to entrust your security in the hands of a reliable and qualified company, it is important to secure the services of a certified company. The CNPP (National Center for Prevention and Protection) issues certifications to guide you:

  • APSAD certification (Plenary Assembly of Damage Insurance Companies), which attests to the professional’s know-how and therefore ensures a quality service.
  • A2P (Alarm Protection Prevention) certification, which guarantees the resistance of an alarm against attempts at neutralization.

Opt for an installer with these certifications, such as Sepsad, which also offers equipment that complies with European standard EN 300.220 and has APSAD type P3 certification for its remote monitoring service, i.e. the highest level. protection defined by the CNPP, and recognized by insurers.

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