Why is my motion detector staying on?

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Motion detector stays on for many reasons. A small part of the environment can move in front of the detector and turn it on continuously. In addition, temperature changes can also activate the lights of a motion detector depending on its sensitivity.

An operational indoor or outdoor motion detector brings real additional security to your home. If you’re looking to find out why your motion detector turns on all the time for no apparent reason, you’ve come to the right place.

Why does the light on my motion detector stay on?

It is necessary to find in first the cause. Several factors can interfere with the lighting of your LED motion detector.

To start, if you do not know where to install your motion detector in your home you will find the answer in the following article or we tell you where to install your motion detector.

That being said, we will see the steps to understand why your motion detector stays on.

The 4 steps to determine why your motion detector stays on

  • First, check the location of your motion detector. Make sure it is not disturbed by the natural environment such as tree branches, leaves or plants. The wind can cause vegetation to move which can be the cause of your motion detector staying on.
    Also, make sure that the sensor does not overlook the road or your neighborhood. A frequented decor even distant can distort your outdoor motion detector.
  • Then make sure you have chosen the right location for your motion detector. Indeed, it must be away from any other external light such as lamps. It must also be away from any air vent or air conditioning that can trigger it for nothing. Similarly, washing machines and dryers if they are powerful can also trigger it for no reason through the vibrations and heat emitted.
  • To continue, check that your wall motion detector is securely attached. Indeed, if your motion detector is poorly fixed or fixed on a fragile surface that moves your detector can be triggered alone. It is important to attach your detector to a solid surface that does not move such as a pole, tree or wall.
  • Finally, check the settings of your motion detector. Make sure the switch is not in test mode. The test mode usually triggers the light indefinitely. The same goes for manual mode. In order to put your detector light back in automatic mode turn it off for a few seconds and then turn it back on.
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However, if your motion detector remains on even after completing the previous 4 steps, it is probably a technical problem. You are advised to contact customer service or return the product.

How do I turn off the light on my motion detector?

If your motion detector with light turns on all the time for no reason you probably want to turn off the light temporarily. At least time to find a solution.

You may also be eating a barbecue with friends or family and the detector turns on every two minutes. There are times when you go back and forth in front of the detector and it is not useful to you.

In order to temporarily turn off the light on your detector, look for its switch. Most led motion detectors are created in order to have the ability to deactivate easily. Turn it off completely or switch modes if you can. In the case of a connected detector, you can turn it off directly from your smartphone.

Switch my motion detector back to automatic

Simply reactivate the automatic mode if you have the possibility via the switch or your smartphone.

If you don’t have a switch, turn off your motion detector for 5 minutes and then turn it back on. This should put it back into auto-detect mode.

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